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Member of the Utah Bar since 1990


Handle your loved one's estate with ease

Has your loved one passed away recently?  At least some of his or her property may be subject to probate.  This happens whenever property and assets of a deceased person pass to his or her beneficiary or other survivor, including his or her trust.  When you face this type of situation, Don can help you handle the estate and make certain everything is done according to the will and/or trust and your loved one's desires.

- Preparing, reviewing and filing all documents

- Collecting, organizing and managing life insurance, bank, brokerage or other financial institution accounts and proceeds

- Handling retirement plans

- Establishing and maintaining estate financial accounts and records

- Responding to claims of creditors and other interested persons

- Liquidating and/or Distributing assets

What you can expect

Help is always here.  You have a busy life, and trying to schedule an appointment during the work week can be difficult.  That is why evening, weekend and in-home consultations are available at no extra charge.

Professional assistance handling your probate needs

No two cases are exactly alike. You will always receive the benefit of over 25 years of experience in giving and delivering honest legal help and candid legal advice tailored to your specific needs.

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