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Member of the Utah Bar since 1990


Protect your family before something happens to you

Do you know how your family will get by when something happens to you and who will make the critical decisions when you can't? If you don't have powers of attorney and a will and/or trust in place, you should. Having your powers of attorney, will, and if necessary, trust ready will help you feel confident knowing your family will be taken cared of even when you are not available.

- Creating and updating wills and trusts

- Creating or modifying a living will or advance directive for when you are not able to participate in medical decisions

- Establishing medical and financial powers of attorney

- Estate planning and trust administration

- Handling claims of creditors, beneficiaries and third parties

- Distribution of trust assets

Available services include

Feel confident that your affairs are being in order. The benefit of having an estate plan is the prevention of unnecessary delays in court, the expenses for lack of planning, and also the tax savings that can come from proper preparation.

Estate Planning Services are worth your investment

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Some decisions are difficult, and putting your affairs in order properly takes considerable time and thought. Start now by calling for an appointment.

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