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Member of the Utah Bar since 1990




Don can help you whatever your needs may be.

Whether preparing or changing a simple will or a complex trust, entering into a new or enforcing an existing contract or lease, commencing or responding to a new lawsuit, Don’s 25 years of experience in administering great legal representation is the one you can trust. Call now to schedule your initial consultation.

You will get more than just a quick meeting when you come to Don for your legal needs.

He will listen and work with you to ensure that all your concerns are considered and addressed.

Don allows convenient scheduling for all his clients. He accepts evening and Saturday appointments to help you whenever you are available.

His in-home consultations have no extra charge

Whether you have a probate case or a business deal that needs legal advice, Don will work with you to ensure you are taken cared of and you get everything you need.

Don has worked in the local court systems for over 25 years and can provide you expert guidance to get the best possible outcome in your case.

Personalized service

Convenient scheduling

Dedicated counselor

Knowledgeable advocate

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